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Seal Phishing Gaps with Real-Time Computer Vision

Pixm’s AI-based browser extension detects and stops credential phishing in real time right at the point-of-click — even for those phishing attacks that get past existing security.

runs in the browser at point of click


What Customers Say

“The threat posed by phishing continues to be the largest security concern for almost every organization. The unique and cutting edge approach used by Pixm to leverage computer vision to stem threat is truly revolutionary.”

Jim Rutt

CISO, Dana Foundation

Really excited about Pixm. Most phishing solutions rely on user training or pattern based filtering at the e-mail gateway. Pixm utilizing computer vision sits on the users desktop and blocks phishing websites in real-time, giving a better chance of blocking phishing attacks than current technology.”

Jonathan Klein

CISO, Broadridge Financial Services

Our clients hold us accountable for any unauthorized access to their accounts. Pixm’s use of computer vision protects us from phishing attacks.”

Casey Ganer

Partner/COO, Ganer & Ganer, CPAs

Phishing is Penetrating the Security Funnel

Pixm Stops Phishing

Seal Phishing Gaps with
Real-Time AI

runs in the browser at point of click

  • Protect against credential attacks far in advance of being blacklisted
  • Protect against stealthy links hiding from cloud/email anti-phishing
  • Protect against social media phishing and personal account phishing
  • Protect against personal device threats and beyond the firewall threats
  • Protect against employees forgetting anti-phishing training (effectiveness)

See which phishing attacks are getting past your security protections 

Monitor Phishing Encounters

  • Access phishing incidents prevented by Pixm
  • View browser telemetry invisible at the email layer and attacker origin
  • Track hacker campaigns targeting your organization
  • Understand your most vulnerable users
  • MS(S)P multi-tenancy

Effortless Administration

  • Browser plug-ins only. No agents. All updates are automatic
  • Organization wide rapid rollout with GPO, SCCM and other standard IT tools
  • Enable users to enroll personal devices with simple email verification
  • One click to uninstall across entire organization

What Technical Leaders Say

Ron Gula

Ron Gula

Co-Founder, Tenable Networks

“Pixm’s computer vision phishing technology will revolutionize the phishing industry and provide targeted users with a new level of protection.”

Tom Kellerman

Tom Kellerman

Commissioner, Obama Commission on Cybersecurity

“Network Security goes out the window in a time when your employees are working from home.”

Charles Bradley

Charles Bradley

Technical Director, NSA

“Pixm’s computer vision based approach offers a truly unique and effective means to protect organizations from web-based phishing attacks.”