In the future, every email and web device will authenticate its own interface

Pixm imbues devices with deep and ambient intelligence that silently protects end users



  • Chris Cleveland

    Chris Cleveland, CEO

    Scientist, Engineer, Entrepreneur. Chris triple majored in physics, applied math, and engineering at Princeton. After publishing his thesis in AIP Advances, he enrolled in Columbia graduate school to study the miracles of Deep Learning where he went on to win the CVC High-Tech Venture Competition cash prize, which he used to start Pixm. Especially after the recent US election, he now wakes up thinking about how to stop phishing breaches.

  • Arun Buduri

    Arun K. Buduri, CPO

    Entrepreneur, Innovator, Passionate Technology Leader and Speaker with nearly two decades of industry experience launching global award-winning products. Holds numerous patents and expertise in Big Data and scalable infrastructures, IoT and Home Automation in companies including Microsoft, Ingersoll Rand and Indix.


  • LiangLiang Cao

    LiangLiang Cao

    Deep Learning

    Columbia Professor

    Former ImageNet champion while working with IBM Watson

    Reviews NIPS, CVPR and 10 journals

  • Terry Boult

    Terry Boult

    Security and Vision

    UCCS El Pomar Professor of Innovation and Security

    PI for Vision and Security Lab

    Chair CVPR, AVSS

  • Jack Hollihan

    Jack Hollihan


    Morgan Stanley Partner

    Successful founder and Investor: LCHM,City Financial, AFRT, ARR, JMI, Recombine

    Wharton Business School

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