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Phishing Actualization Test

Our test reports in detail real phishing attacks that get past your existing security protections and clicked.

PLUS when we detect an attack, we stop it in real time!

  • Attacks measured by our AI browser extension
  • Install on unlimited work devices in minutes
  • Invite employees to download to personal ones
  • Once installed, updates are automatic (no agents)
  • Cancel anytime – no purchase commitment

Runs in the browser, not in the cloud…

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How hard is it to deploy a test?

Setting up a test is easy…

  1. Verify your email and login
  2. Download a licensed MSI and deploy it to as many work devices as you wish
  3. Monitor stopped phishing attacks in a dashboard and get your customized test report
  4. Optionally, invite employees to install Pixm on their personal devices
How big a test group is required?

As many as you wish. For most meaningful results, we recommend 500-5000 devices.

What about employees who use their own personal devices for work?

To receive the most comprehensive data, we highly recommend personal devices that are used for work be registered for the test. Pixm can provide a sample email which gives employees a link to download the Pixm browser extention for the test. After clicking, the employee will be requested to enter their associated work email address.

How does Pixm work?

Pixm detects and prevents phishing attacks with its browser extension using its AI real-time detection – right at the actual point to click by an employee. Pixm presents analyses of the attack data in its dashboard and reports.

What browsers do you support?

Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and any Chromium based browser.

Do my users need to be signed into their browsers?

No. Pixm works on browsers without users signed in.

Can a test be easily cancelled?

A test can be cancelled anytime with a single click.

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